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There’s a Facebook group I belong to called “The Great British Baking Show Bake Along.” It has no actual affiliation with the show (which I love, btw), but is a fun group that shares bakes as well as has a weekly challenge (optional) to bake something from the show. The other day, one of the group members shared a recipe for some cheesy crackers and I thought they looked very tempting. So, since I am clearly in a cooking/baking mode today, I decided to give them a go.

crackersThe recipe for Spicy Everything Bagel Cheddar Cheese Crackers comes from The Beach House Kitchen. The recipe is super adaptable. You could really use any kind of hard cheese and change up the spices. I used our favorite Tillamook sharp cheddar (Emma is a fiend for cheese and magically appears in the kitchen when she hears the cheese wrapper. She helps by taste testing a few cheese morsels.) Even though it says “spicy,” I added both cayenne (more than the recipe called for) and some of that Trader Joe’s Everything But the Elote seasoning and it still isn’t what I would categorize as spicy. And, instead of making the Everything Bagel seasoning, I used the ready-made stuff from The Savory Spice Shop (of course, you could always snag a jar from Trader Joe’s, too).

Now, it’s important to note that the moisture content of flour can be different. I used the three tablespoons of half&half the recipe calls for and my dough was still very dry. I added another two tablespoons of it and I really wonder if I might have used even a little bit more, because the dough was a little hard to roll out at first. I used a little round scalloped-edge cutter for the shapes and it made right about 60 crackers.

I have a gas stove/oven and I notice that typically things need to bake longer than recommended times recipes state. I baked two batches and the first was about 20 minutes and I did the second batch 25. I maybe could have made the crackers a little thinner because mine didn’t come out super crisp. Still, they taste very good and will make a good snack. I mostly made them for Terry, because I know they don’t exactly fall in the healthy category. But, eating a couple helps satisfy the savory/salty tastebuds. Give them a try.