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veggie beef soup
There was no doubt that today was a day for soup. Rain, wind, leaves of all different fall colors blowing around, a chill in the air. This morning T said, “How about making another pot of that vegetable beef soup you made the other day?” It’s an easy and inexpensive soup to make, yet packed with flavor. So, absolutely.

Ran to Safeway to get the ingredients I needed. The recipe calls for “stew meat,” but I never buy that because it is notoriously always tough. I look for a marbled chuck or top sirloin roast. If what’s available at the meat counter/case is too thick, you can ask the butcher to cut it in half length-wise for you (I’ve done that before). You might even ask them to cube it up for you to save even more time, but I cut mine into small cubes myself. The recipe calls for 2 pounds, but I used 1.5 lb today and it is plenty and fine.

For the 28oz can of diced tomatoes, today I used Muir Glen fire-roasted tomatoes and I like the little something extra it adds. The recipe also calls for 7 cups of beef broth (I use low sodium), but I use more like 5-6. I used two carrots, instead of three and white potatoes instead of russet, otherwise, I followed the recipe as written. I picked up a fresh round of sourdough bread, which is a great accompaniment to soak up some broth. The broth is so savory!!

Check out the recipe link here on dinneratthezoo.com, and let me know if you try it and like it.