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The fridge was pretty bare as of yesterday evening. We’d eaten the last of the cast iron pizza, some Korean ribs T made on the Traeger and the leftover spaghetti. Yesterday, T found a recipe on Pinterest that looked good to him for chicken and gravy made in the crockpot, so after a trip to Whole Foods (seriously, their prices beat Safeway most of the time now) and Safeway, I’ve thrown that together and it is cooking at this moment (a post to come later). He also wants apple cider donut holes, so I’ll whip those up after he comes home from golf. Meantime, in my never-ending quest to eat healthier, I’ve got ingredients to make myself some Greek cod (fresh cod was on sale) later with a tomato risotto and I just put together this Mediterranean salad adapted from The Mediterranean Dish.

Here’s what I did slightly different from the recipe: I used a whole peeled English cucumber and a whole can of no salt added garbanzos, I sprinkled in dried dill and no where near one cup, I added half a red pepper, chopped; and in the dressing I added some white wine vinegar and Truvia sweetener, to taste (I didn’t measure). I also used only one TBSP of the Za’atr seasoning. And, as you can see there is no eggplant. I am not a fan of the eggplant (and that dislike also extends to zucchini!).

It’s marinating now, but I taste tested and it’s delicious…not mention healthy!