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guacAh avocados! I love the little green guys. So, when I got a Food & Wine email today with “Nine unexpected ways to use guacamole,” I was intrigued. And one recipe in particular caught my eye. Since we needed to stop by Safeway on our way back from seeing Wendell, I decided to get the ingredients to give it a try. And, oh, yeah, it is good. Here’s the link to the recipe. http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/avocado-and-roasted-tomatillo-salsa

The site calls it “salsa,” but I think it is really a pretty straight guac. I did some things differently from the recipe though. In addition to the tomatillos, two jalapenos and the garlic, I also roasted two hatch chilies as they were in abundance at Safeway today. I used green onions instead of a leek and I drizzled all with olive oil, not standard vegetable oil. I also roasted them for more like 45 min, instead of 15. It made the kitchen smell really good, by the way. Even T was like, “what’s cooking?!” 

Once the veggies were cooled a bit, I threw them into the Nutribullet with the avocado (two Hass avocados cut into cubes) and the cilantro and a drizzle of lime juice and a little bit of water. I did not add sugar, salt, cumin or more onion. I probably should have blended it in two batches, because I had to stir it around a few times to get it all to blend. And that was it. It has a wonderful taste and since I’m not going to eat it with salty chips, I think I might just add some to the lettuce salad I’m taking to work tomorrow or maybe just eat it plain with a spoon….ha ha. 

My advice is, stop whatever you are doing right now….go immediately to the grocery store, get the ingredients and make this pronto. You won’t regret it.