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sconesI realized as I was cleaning up the big mess of gluey flour and smushed blueberries on my countertop, that I should have taken a picture of the effort it took to make these scones. 

That’s the trouble with Pinterest (or maybe all the cooking sites/blogs)….it all looks so perfect and pretty and yummy. You usually don’t see much of the “this is how the making went” photos. Or when you do they are always pretty and orderly. Not the chaos that was three bowls, beaters, measuring spoons, a nearly empty bag of flour and other sundry utensils. Oh, and the flour-y, blueberry-ish hands and the gluey-flour-y counter. 

Still, I am hoping it will be worth it — the scones are baking as I type. 

The impetus for the scones was that a couple of weeks ago a guy Terry knows gave him a half flat of fresh-from-the-field Oregon blueberries. Big. Plump. Sweet. Blueberries. So, I froze them in four bags and have been dying to make something with them. Since the heat abated today, I decided to do it tonight. I had to decide between scones and blueberry boy bait, which are both on the same site: http://lepetitbrioche.blogspot.com/2011/07/blueberry-scones.html  But I decided to try the “boy bait” another day and go for the scones. 

And, I don’t know but it all just kind of got away from me as I was making it. The blogger said use your Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Ha ha. I don’t have one. I have my trusty 1976 avocado green Sunbeam mixer whose cord always wants to come out of the socket mid mix; but it’s what I have been using lo these nearly four decades. So, the mixing didn’t perhaps progress as it might have had I had the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Hence, I ended up trying to make the frozen blueberries stay in the dough (four rolled onto the floor where Emma took a curious sniff and walked away) and then add more flour to the counter (with doughy hands) and pull the rolling pin out of the cupboard. 

Rolling the dough out was another bit of a trick. The frozen blueberries kept popping out like slick marbles and the amount of flour I’d managed to sprinkle on the counter was not enough to keep it all from sticking. 

Nevertheless, I persevered and ultimately got my eight scones  ready to bake (“All that for eight scones?”, is what I was thinking). They looked pretty good on the cookie sheet, so I guess in the end that’s what counts. Oh and how they taste….we’ll know about that shortly. [Verdict: they taste good! Worth the effort.]