Ok, I feel a little silly saying that I’m happy about some baby beets. But I am. So, in my attempts to eat better for my kidneys, one of the foods on the kidney-friendly list is beets. Well, I like beets. In fact, when we ate at Toro Bravo the other day, we had this salad with some beets in it, and they were divine. I think I could have just eaten a plateful of those beets.

Anyway, so I found a simple recipe for a beet and red onion salad: http://www.yummly.com/recipe/Roasted-beet-and-red-onion-salad-314481

But, you either need to roast or steam the beets. Being that it was 95 degrees today, didn’t think turning on the oven for an hour to roast beets was the best idea. But coincidentally, Martha had a post today about how to steam beets, so I looked at that and got ready to do it.

I had bought a container of baby beets at Safeway and so as I got ready to open the package and with the steamer on the stove, I gleefully read the packaging to see that it said, “baby beets, peeled, steamed and ready to eat!” Yay! I quickly turned the stove off, grabbed the cutting board and knife and in about 10 minutes I had my beet salad. I used a lovely aged balsalmic vinegar (and more than the recipe called for), plus a splash of rice vinegar, EVOO, and because I like the taste of pickled beets, I added a couple of tablespoons of Splenda/sugar blend. I added pepper, but no salt and I didn’t add the cumin the recipe called for (that seemed weird to me). And here is the result. I was eating it out of the container before it even had a chance to marinate.

Blissful about the beets!