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I love Saturday mornings, especially when it is a day with no particular agenda. I relish in the prospect of a day with no obligations where we can succumb to whatever the whim. Even better when such a day aligns with the perfect Pacific NW weather: blue skies, low 80s and no humidity. Oh, and sleeping in….lovely sleeping in.

So, arising around 8:30, I took my time getting going. Terry was watching the local morning news (and we ask ourselves “why?” since it seems to be nonstop repetition of the same stories day after day after day) and had a famished look on his face. I offered to whip up something for him to eat and his request? A cheesy egg and sausage breakfast sandwich. Clearly, not a particularly low cal, healthyish option, but ah, a tasty indulgence nevertheless. And, I’ll admit that even though I did not make one for myself, what carnivore can resist nibbling a couple pieces of crispy pork sausage…..not me.

Cheesy Egg and Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Pork sausage, crumbled (I used “hot” Safeway brand. Terry prefers Jimmy Dean, but I was being frugal)
3 eggs, beaten
Cheese (Tillamook sharp cheddar is the favored brand/type in our house)
Bread, toasted

Cook the crumbled sausage in skillet until crispy and cooked through. Transfer to paper towel lined plate to drain greasiness. Meanwhile, beat three eggs until light and slightly frothy. Pour into skillet that sausage was cooked in, with a bit of the sausage grease [I told you this is not low fat]. Season eggs with salt and pepper (and I add a bit of Adobo seasoning which is a little garlic powder, onion powder, oregano and cumin). Slice (or you could use shredded) small pieces of cheese on top of the eggs. Fold eggs like for an omelet, folding over and over in skillet to allow it to cook evenly and to avoid browning. Toast the bread and butter it. Place the eggs on one slice of toast and sausage on top of the eggs. Top with the other slice of toast. Chow down.