Terry can be a picky eater. He’d really prefer Franz® white bread, mustard and old fashioned bologna sandwiches with a glass of milk most of the time. Easy to do, but not particularly adventurous. At least though, he knows what he likes. He has admitted though to liking a lot of my healthier cooking — often as long as I don’t tell him what went into making it.

Friday nights can sometimes be a challenge then for supper. After a long week of work, Friday nights I’m typically not motivated to want to cook. Neither do we usually feel like fighting the crowds at popular restaurants. So sometimes we just pick up this and that from the deli and cheese sections at Whole Foods and make a snacky meal out of it. Tonight we didn’t even do that.

I picked through some leftovers in the fridge, but none of those appealed to T. There was a partial package of Hormel Black Label bacon there though (which we believe after tasting many a brand, to be one of the best mainstream bacons on the shelf). So I suggested, what about a bacon and fried egg sandwich. He brightened at that, so the choice was made.

As I was cooking the bacon I recalled that the only bread we have is a little on the stale side — having been on vacation and eating out a lot the past two weeks. But, I did have some New York rye in the freezer, which I figured would work if I toasted it a bit.

So, four slices of bacon – crisp; two fried eggs – over hard; and toasted NY rye from the freezer spread with real mayo and Land o’Lakes spreadable butter and voila I had dinner for him. Which, he chowed with great relish!