Things got boring on the bus. Route 6 that is, my other blog. I suddenly lost inspiration for writing about the ride. And I began to feel like I was pontificating random bloat. So I stopped.

Now two months later, and again as my work team and I share stories of cooking and wonderful food we’ve enjoyed, I’m encouraged to write about it. And that kind of makes a lot of sense. Because two of my favorite things are writing and cooking/eating.

Take a look at or and you’ll see that there are A LOT of people like me out there. Many/most of them, I dare say, perhaps better or more precise in their approach to cooking than I. But, the blog name says it all — and somehow it sounded more exquisite and elegant in French — but I love to cook; so that’s all this is about: the stories that come from my discoveries and adventures in my little square kitchen on Roselawn St. in Portland, Oregon.